Sky Star Lottery Guessing Number Today 2021

On May 15th, 2945 SET, the UEE announced that it would begin selling lottery tickets for the Gliese-651 system’s pending public claim. Since its discovery in 2438 by amateur explorer Howard Grubb, there has been heavy debate over who should control the highly desirable inner planet.

Raf Dzanig is a policy analyst with GalNet Trade Authority. “I think this is great news for humanity.” He says of the news, “For too long now we’ve sat idly by as corporations haggle back and forth over rights to this world. We either settle this or walk away without it, but I’d rather not see any more ships mysteriously go missing at that particular jump point.” The ‘mystery’ ships Dzanig mentions are often cited as evidence for the claim that all life on Gliese-651D has been eradicated by pirates or other criminals.

While representatives from both Sirius Corp and Hyperion will be present at this weekend’s lottery, neither party could be reached for comment. Elgsin Industries is expected to make a statement later today. The group first petitioned for control of Gliese-651D after discovering ‘artifacts’ on its surface which point to an intelligent civilization prior to the arrival of humanity.

Regardless of who claims Gliese-651D, one thing is certain:

whoever wins this weekend’s lottery will have earned it. You can purchase tickets here.

When Howard Grubb discovered the Sky Star Lottery’s winning numbers for this week, he had no idea his life would change forever.


The retired farmer from out-of-the-way Solace spends much of his time working on the family farm, but it seems that hard work has paid off in a big way. The lottery pays 1 billion credits to the first person who can predict all six numbers correctly. Despite being one of only two people to predict all six digits correctly, Grubb somehow missed out on a first prize. Instead, another winner took home the first-place prize after correctly guessing five numbers and the mega ball. While disappointed not to have won 1st prize, Grubb was happy with his decision to share the news with his friends and family via social media.

“I didn’t expect to win 1st place, but I’m glad that my parents and friends were able to split the other half of the prize money,” Grubb said minutes after learning he would receive 50 million credits for his efforts. When asked how he would use such a large sum of credits, Grubb responded that it would go towards expanding his farm and help take care of those around him. “I could really use another tractor if we’re going to expand our cow pastures this year.”

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though:

The two winners who correctly guessed 5 numbers each must split the second-place prize of 500 million credits between them. Explaining why people should try out Sky Star Lottery, Grubb said, “It’s a great way to save up for a rainy day. I mean, it is a gamble, but who doesn’t love the occasional one?”

“I’d recommend going with your gut,” added Grubb, “if you have an inkling about something in between numbers between 3 and 7, chances are that it’ll pay off.” Sky Star Lottery is set to hold its third drawing on October 2nd.