Second Coming Jesus Christ Promised to Perfect the Ann Coulter Crowd

A perfecta is a bet at the racetrack in that you win in case you correctly choose the first and second area finishers inside the right order. A trifecta is when you get the first three inside the proper order. Gamblers use all varieties of hints to oustsmart the music, together with shopping for the “Daily Racing Form” and analysing the tune information of the horses in the race, their preceding times, the horses’ names, their preferred numbers and divine revelations from God. After the race, you could see the bettors on foot around with their lengthy horse faces cursing and saying, “I knew I must have guess at the five!” Unfortunately there is lots greater at stake these days in deciding on between Christianity, Islam and Judaism than $2.

The phrase “ideal” method “whole in all respects, without defect or omission, sound, ideal, completely correct or accurate, specific, unique and natural.” This week Ann Coulter created a firestorm by saying on “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch that Christians are perfected Jews. The American Jewish Committee, The National Jewish Sabbath keeping Democratic Council, and the Anti Defamation League did the entirety but name Ann Coulter Adolf Hitler, and The Anti Defamation League said that “Ann Coulter in reality knows very little approximately non secular theology.”

In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ said to his disciples, “I have instructed you that I go to prepare a place for you. If I move and prepare a place for you I will come once more and will take you to myself so that where I am there you’ll be additionally. I am the manner and the fact and the life. No one comes to the Father besides via me.” (John 14:1-7). The New Testament says, “By a single imparting Jesus Christ has perfected for all time those who are sanctified (Believers in Jesus Christ).” (Hebrews 10:14). The Anti Defamation League said that “Ann Coulter definitely knows very little about religious theology.” The leaders of the Anti Defamtion League with the lengthy faces over Ann Coulter’s remark truely have not study the “Daily Racing Form”, America’s turf authority when you consider that 1894, no longer to be harassed with George Orwell’s “1984”.

In George Orwell’s “1984”, Winston Smith lives in London, Oceania. Oceania is a totalitarian society led with the aid of Big Brother which censors everybody’s behavior consisting of their thoughts. In Oceania falling in love is a crime. The Ministry of Love is the Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation center for individuals who fall in love. When Winston fell in love with Julia, he changed into sent to the Abu Ghraib Christian Center wherein he had his love for Julia tortured out of him. He become tortured until his beliefs coincided with the ones of The Christian Party, just like in the Christian Crusade announced by President Bush in 2003, the three hundred year Christian Inquisition, the Pogroms, and the Holocaust. If slaughtering and torturing innocent non believing guys, girls and youngsters for the beyond thousand years is a really perfect religion then George Bush knows what he’s doing.

The phrase “best” manner particular. According to the New Testament Christian people have to observe “0”, “2”, “10” or “613” commandments of God the Father. Unfortunately it doesn’t paintings like that on the track, Jack. According to the Christian Holy Bible, Jesus Christ says, “I am God, I am now not God.” This is why in 325 A.D. On the Council of Nicaea the Church Fathers voted on whether or not Jesus Christ was God. Jesus Christ become elected God via humans, despite the fact that now not unanimously, 300 years after his dying.

God of Mount Sinai aka Jesus Christ, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, Elohim stated thru each Biblical Prophet especially Jesus Christ that once the Messiah came he would purify Judaism, Christianity and Islam all the way down to their essences in order to carry every Jew, Christian and Muslim into the identical barn, The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve aka The World Peace Religion. This is all laid out well at the Temple of Love website. The coronary heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is sheer perfection. It is the notion that there may be a God, that God is the God who carved His Word, “10ve”, the ten commandments into stone Himself, and then gave them to Moses, Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), and the belief that all of us have to obey the phrase of God, “10ve”.