Patchworks X Salt-Water Sandals

Sun, sea, sand… and world-class integration support.

Salt-Water Sandals, a timeless leather sandal brand with a 70-year heritage, have become one of the latest fashion companies to iPaaS Vendors  implement the Patchworks integration platform.

About the brand

An American cult classic since the 1940s, Salt-Water Sandals originally started as a way to cope with the leather shortages in World War II. Finding himself short on material, founder Walter Hoy started making his sandals out of the scraps of leather left over from making military boots. Soon, families all over St. Louis were asking Walter to make sandals for their kids.

Seventy years later, Walter’s original classic design has become a worldwide summer staple – worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and Paloma Faith. Defined by their tough rubber sole and 100%-waterproof leather design, Salt-Water Sandals are perfect for summer strolls and long days at the beach.

Magento X NetSuite

After Salt-Water Sandals decided to use NetSuite as their new ERP, they reached out to Patchworks to handle their integration.

We integrated Salt-Water Sandals’ new NetSuite system with their Magento store, connecting them to the Patchworks platform so they can enjoy a holistic overview of their essential business data. When the launch day arrived, the Patchworks team fully devoted their time to supporting the brand, ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible.

To help them get familiarised with NetSuite, we also offered Salt-Water Sandals expert guidance on their new system, helping them understand the ins and outs of NetSuite.

By integrating their tech through the Patchworks platform, Salt-Water Sandals now enjoy an automated flow of essential data. Instead of having to manually input orders and figures into NetSuite, our iPaaS platform syncs the data automatically – reducing the risk of overselling and human error. More importantly, this automation saves the brand heaps on resources, which can be directly invested back into growing their business.

We’re ecstatic to welcome the Salt-Water Sandals team into the Patchworks family, and we look forward to supporting them through their summer campaigns.

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