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Regardless of whether you are seeking out a new look for your bikini line for the hot summer time or considering defuzzing for the first time, it is useful to know what bikini waxing shapes are out there and what the pet names actually mean.

When it comes to taking the plunge into your bikini cricbuzz ipl match list 2023 be aware that waxing has become an art form and whether you are thinking of getting rid of the lot or just having a trim and tuck around the edges, there are now various styles available all of which are very likely to have names.

This write-up explains the varied shapes and designs for ladies – certainly not because men are not into waxing but because there are varied factors to consider that will not be covered here.

Here is a quick run down of the basics so you can be sure about what you will end up with.

The American Wax or Regular Bikini Wax – This will get rid of any hair that peeks out from the sides of your knicker or bikini line. If your bikini will expose it, it is taken away. Unless you say otherwise, any hair that you have at the top of your thighs or between your belly button and the top of your panties will also be whisked away. This is the ideal style for you if you are having your first wax or you are just looking to liven everything up.

The Full Bikini Wax – Although very similar to the basic American Wax, this wax will take things a step further and remove slightly more hair at the sides. You will end up with a more definitive shape, for example a straighter triangular or rectangular shape. They may also trim any remaining hair so that it is shorter and less straggly. This is a super option if you want a cleaner, fresher bikini area but still want to keep a bit of hair around your privates.

The French Bikini Wax – A little more drastic than the American Wax is the French Wax, here, you will end up with a landing strip at the front which can be as big or small as you would like. Quite often, this wax is called the Partial Brazilian or Landing Strip. If you are one of those girls that is fond of skimpy bikinis then this may be the ideal shape for you.

The Brazilian Bikini Wax – Probably the most infamous of the bikini waxing shapes and styles, the Brazilian takes away every scrap of hair in the pelvic area – yep, even between your bum cheeks. This style is also sometimes called the Full Brazilian Wax, the Hollywood Wax or the Sphinx – yes again, the hairless cat. This bikini waxing style is the one for you if you are a fan of thong-like bikinis and lingerie. You end up feeling fresh and clean – but quite tender the first couple of times. You really do not want to go this route if you are having your first wax. Every item of clothing needs to be removed down there so it is not for the shy. As well as the modesty point, there is the pain involved. The hair follicles are really strong the first few times you wax which makes things a lot more painful. If you are new to waxing, it is better to go slowly and remove hair bit by bit. Once you have a few waxes under your belt – please excuse the pun – you can afford to be a little more adventurous.