Drawing Manga – Creating the Basic Structure of Your Manga Character

Welcome to the second tutorial about drawing manga. As you know this is the second lesson in a series of manga tutorials.

In this lesson, we will discuss step by step drawing manga and it is to make the basic frame work of your manga character.

First step drawing manga

Our first step to drawing manga is rather simple but very โดจิน important. We will draw a super-simplified stick figure to represent your manga character.

To do this, use only circles and lines to form your numbers. Use a circle to represent joints in elbows, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, and shoulders. And use a straight line for the stem, neck, arm, and legs.

Now, once you go down, it’s time to spice up a little. Picture of a stick character in various poses. Here are some ideas: stand up, kick, sit down, or what you want.

Pull them over and over until you feel comfortable and ready to come with yourself. Draw as much as possible from this.

By practicing this manga drawing practice, you not only train ourselves to be able to produce dynamic poses quickly, but you will also be clever enough to keep your numbers proportionally and positioned realistically.

You also train yourself to use depth and perspective to make your poses more dynamic. (Depth and perspective will be closed in another image of the last manga lesson in the series.)

Proportion of your stick numbers

Your figure head size is very important here because it will act as a measuring instrument for the whole body. Long arms, legs, and body stems will be based on the size of the head.

As a general rule, the average manga will be a height of 7 heads. Where as noble characters and more graceful will be 7 and a half head high. Higher is still a heroic character, which will stand in 8 heads high.

In manga character physical attributes can vary greatly from super high and slim to very short and muscular. To become a big manga artist, you must get used to how to draw all this type of body.

Like other art forms, drawing manga requires practice. Don’t discourish if your image doesn’t come out perfect for the first time. Keep learning and trying and finally you will be good.