A Voyage Like No Other: Elevate Your Travel Experience with Yacht Charters

The British Virgin Islands are one of the Caribbean’s most popular yacht constitution locations and Tortola is home to the arena’s biggest fleet of charter yachts. You can select between Skippered or bareboat charter, motor or sailing vessels, monohulls or catamarans in addition to crewed, luxurious or mega yachts. There is some thing for everone in the BVI. The short distances among the islands, frequently handiest 2 to three hours, make the British Virgin Islands ideal for the primary time yacht charter.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British remote places territory,Guest Posting placed within the north of the Caribbean Sea to the east of both Puerto Rico and america Virgin Islands. They are part of the Leeward Island chain. The approximate co-ordinates are 18° 20′ N 64° 40′ W. The archipelago of the Virgin Islands archipelago is made from the USA Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands marinaworld.co/yacht-charters revel in a sub-tropical weather, moderated with the aid of the alternate winds. Temperatures continue to be fairly steady year round with a day by day most of round 29°C inside the summer and 25°C in the iciness. The BVI averages about one hundred fifteen cm of rain in step with year, although that is better in the hills and coast is drier. The wettest months are September via to December. The British Virgin Islands are in a place that could see hurricanes from June to October and this successfully limits the sailing season to November – May.

Amongst the various attractions at the British Virgin Islands are the; numerous white sandy beaches; the baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkelling on the coral reefs close to Anegada; the well-known bars of Jost Van Dyke Island.

The British Virgin Islands include the principle islands of Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and Virgin Gorda together with over fifty different smaller islands and cays. The smaller islands encompass; Beef Island, Cooper Island, Ginger Island, Great Camanoe, Great Thatch, Guana Island, Mosquito Island, Necker Island, Norman Island, Peter Island, Salt Island. Only some fifteen of the islands are inhabited. The BVI are frequently volcanic in starting place and have a rugged, hilly terrain. Anegada is the exception and is a flat island composed of limestone and coral. Tortola is the largest island, approximately twelve miles lengthy and 3 miles extensive. Road Town, on Tortola, is the capital of the islands. The British Virgin Islands have a total population of around 22,000 people.

The Virgin Islands had been first settled with the aid of Arawak Indians from South America around one hundred BC and inhabited the islands until the 15th century while Carib Indians from the Lesser Antilles Islands displaced them. The first European sighting of the Virgin Islands changed into in 1493 with the aid of Christopher Columbus on his 2d voyage to the Americas. He referred to as them Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes (Saint Ursula and her eleven,000 Virgins); this turned into shortened to Las Vírgenes (The Virgins).

In the early 16th century the Spanish Empire acquired the Virgin Islands and evolved copper mining on Virgin Gorda. Subsequently the English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Danish all sought control of the Virgin Islands. They have become a notorious pirate haunt. During the method of European colonisation the native Amerindian population became all however worn out.

In 1648 the Dutch mounted a permanent agreement on the island of Tortola. The British captured Tortola from the Dutch in 1672, and the British annexation of Anegada and Virgin Gorda observed in 1680.

The Virgin Islands had been taken into consideration basically a strategic ownership, however have been additionally planted while there had been beneficial financial situations. The British added sugar cane that have become the main crop and supply of overseas change. Slaves have been introduced from Africa to work on the sugar cane plantations and the islands prospered until the growth inside the sugar beet crop in Europe and the US reduced sugar cane manufacturing drastically.

In 1917, the US bought St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix from Denmark for US$25 million, renaming them the USA Virgin Islands and the British renamed the islands they managed as the British Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands were administered both as part of the Leeward Islands Colony or with St. Kitts and Nevis, with an administrator representing the British Government at the Islands. Separate colony popularity changed into gained for the British Virgin Islands in 1960 and that they have become self sufficient in 1967.