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Shark Cartilage-

It inspires horror inside the mind of people on the seaside, the triangle fashioned tail fin. It is that this very aquatic animal’s cartilage tissue that we call shark cartilage. Its contribution to the formational of the skeletal gadget is important. A translucent elastic tissue it composes maximum of the skeleton of embryonic and very young vertebrates. Post a technique of calcification it transforms into bones and makes a fully evolved skeletal device.

There are three sorts of cartilage tissue-
Fibro cartilage- It is discovered between the again bones and is of the most powerful kinds.

Hyaline cartilage- It is a grisly elastic tissue masking the shifting quit of bones, it also connects the ribs to the breast bone and supports the nose additionally the windpipe and part of the voice box.

Yellow cartilage- This is the maximum elastic of the 3 and is discovered within the outside ear, Eustachian tube and throat.

Uses of Shark Cartilage

Forms of Use-

Powdered form of shark cartilage- It is to be had as bulk powdered shape and is usually for oral intake on mixing it with water or fruit juice. It can also be taken thru a rectal retention enema. Another shape that powdered shark cartilage is to be had in is gelatin tablets or pressed into caplets which can be taken orally.

It become believed in the sooner instances that sharks did now not have cancer. So it was believed that taking shark cartilage ought to paintings towards cancer. Tests conducted on human beings up to now show that shark cartilage does have a few efficacy in controlling boom of tumor cells. There was a observe conducted in a few people with macular degeneration and it has proven wonderful consequences however more concrete experimentation is required to propound theories.

Side outcomes and potential dangers in using shark cartilage-

People with allergies to chondroitin or glucosamine must avoid taking merchandise containing shark cartilage. People with allergic reactions to sulfur must additionally be careful before taking shark cartilage merchandise as they will be sulfated.

People eating a shark cartilage product known as Neovastat did show facet results despite the use of it for about 4 years. The man or woman eating shark cartilage ought to suffer mild stomach discomfort dizziness and fatigue. It has also been determined and is considered in theory that slower wound recovery and abnormal heartbeat can occur in human beings taking shark cartilage. Shark cartilage may be taken into consideration an occupational protection risk in facilities the use of it.

Precaution- Consumption of shark cartilage in any shape is not really helpful to pregnant ladies and breast feeding moms.

Interaction of Shark Cartilage with Drugs-
Shark Cartilage containing products deer antler velvet benefits are rich in calcium. So if taken together with any pills containing calcium or calcium supplements it can growth the level of calcium inside the body main to troubles like abnormal heartbeats, decrease the increase of blood vessels and recovery of wounds.

Interaction of Shark Cartilage with different Herbs and Supplements-
Shark Cartilage can lower blood sugar degrees and if occupied with glucosamine can boom them. A fitness care issuer must intently monitor the intake of shark cartilage.

The dosage stated underneath is in keeping with scientific journals or conventional utilization
Adults (18 yrs or older) – Extract of ground cartilage- A dose of 80-a hundred gms per day or 1.3gms per kilogram of body weight.